We play the magic of magnetism

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is a powerful analytical and characterization technique that has been widely used in chemistry, materials science, biochemistry and medical diagnosis. The uniqueness of NMR stems from its high chemical resolution, its non-invasive nature, and the capability to offer a full range of structural and molecular information.

Typically, NMR can be categoried into NMR spectroscopy which is used for chemical analysis and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) which is used for biomedical diagnosis. The NMR spectrscopy is further separated into solution-state NMR which is dedicated to liquid samples and solid-state NMR which is dedicated to solid samples. In addition, the diffusion and relaxation measurement by NMR are widely applied in fields of geophysics (for well-logging) and food industry.

The "Supermagnetic" NMR research group now consists of two joint laboratories: one in Institute of Translational Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the other in Department of Chemistry, Zhejiang University. The interest of the group includes the development of NMR techniques (e.g. advanced pulse sequences for solid-state NMR, ultrahigh field imaging, dynamic nuclear polarization) and the frontier explorations in the areas of functional materials and biomedicines.

We spin the world of chemistry

We develop advanced NMR methodologies for the study of the fundamental chemistries in biomedical systems and functional materials. These methodologies include the pulse programs for spectroscopy, strategies of micro-imaging and the instrument of hyperpolarization. We gather the comprehensive information based on NMR characterizations to deepen the knowledge of biomedical functions and to improve the design of future materials.

Meet the team

Xueqian Kong 孔学谦 Team Leader


Institute of Translational Medicine

Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Adjunct Professor

Department of Chemistry

Zhejiang University


Education & Work Experience
2013-2014: Senior Engineer

Western Digital Corporation
2010-2013: Postdoctoral Fellow,

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
2007-2010: Ph.D. Iowa State University,
2005-2006: M.A. Clark University,
2001-2005: B.S. University of Science and Technology of China



Team Members
Lina Gao 高李娜 Postdoctoral Fellow
Yu Yin 尹昱 PhD candidate
Qinlong Chen 陈琴龙 Master student
Zhenmin Cao 曹振明 Postdoctoral Fellow
Hua-Dong Xue 薛华栋 Postdoctoral Fellow
Jie Zhu 朱杰 PhD candidate
Haoyu Li 李昊宇 PhD candidate
Juntao Xia 夏俊韬 PhD Candidate
Guolong Sun 孙国龙 PhD Candidate
Yuan Tu 涂圆 PhD Candidate
Zerui Chen 陈泽锐 PhD Candidate
Wei Zhong 钟威 PhD Candidate
Yating Song 宋雅婷 Financial Assistant
Yun Chen 陈云 Undergraduate
Yiwen Wang 王奕文 Undergraduate
GeSangCiRen 格桑次仁 Undergraduate
Ming Xia 夏鸣

Bruker China

Yebin Guan 官叶斌


Jingtao Zhang 张靖涛


Xiaohe Lei 雷逍鹤

Univ. California Santa Barbara

Haoran Jing 景昦然

Univ. Illinois Chicago

Alessandro Marchetti Alex


Juner Chen 陈君儿


Tongyao Wang 王曈尧


Jun Zhang 张俊


Jingsong Cai 蔡景松


Pingmei Zeng 曾萍梅


Bowen Yu 虞博文


Tingyu Liu 刘庭玉


Yao Fu 付尧

University of Cambridge

Hanxi Guan 管晗曦


Yiran Wang 王奕然


Jinglin Yin 尹竟琳


Weicheng Cao 曹伟成

ETH Zurich

Zhenfeng Pang 庞振峰

ENS Paris

Yifan Song 宋逸凡

U. Southern California

Xiaoqi Zhou 周小琪


Tian He 何天


Yixin Qi 戚轶昕


Wenkai Liang 梁文凯

UT Southwestern

Pictures of the group

2016.3.22 Picture of the NMR Lab at Zhejiang University
2022.8.22 15th Bologna Conference of Magnetic Resonance on Porous Media 15届国际多孔介质磁共振大会,杭州,金溪山庄
2023.06.26 Graduation Ceremony
2022.12.17 临安 龙王山

What we have


Solid-state NMR

Ultrahigh-field Imaging

In-situ & Operando NMR

Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

What we do

Strong Magnets

The "Supermagnetic" group runs several high-field NMR systems with magnetic field strength from 9.4 to 18.8 Tesla. (> 100,000 times stronger than the earth's magnetic field. ~ 10 times stronger than typical medical MRI). These top-end NMR instruments enable a full range of NMR experiments, including spectroscopy and imaging.

High Resolution

"Supermagnetic" group pursues better resolutions of NMR in energy, space and time. New modeling strategies quantify weak intermolecular interaction energies. New pulse sequences detect the changes happening during microseconds and miliseconds period. Novel ultrahigh-field MRI probes the morphologies at the micron level.

High Sensitivity

NMR is an insensitive characterization technique due to the weak nuclear spin polarization. It often requires miligrams of sample and hundreds of repeated measurements. "Supermagnetic" group is engaged in the development and applications of hyperpolarization techniques which aim to enhance the NMR signal by orders of magnitude.

NMR Spectroscopy

Superconducting NMR instruments can resolve "tiny" frequency shifts that are less than 1 part per million. Such high frequency resolution enables the distinction of chenmical bonds and weak intermolecular interactions. The "Supermagnetic" group studies the spectroscopy of solid matters and biological samples to understand the underlying chemistries.

NMR Imaging

MRI see through bodies non-invasively and it is sensitive to the soft and flowing compartments. "Supermagnetic" group utilizes the micro-imaging probe together with the strong magnets to study biological tissues and small animals. The micro-imaging under an ultrahigh field can have at least 10X better spatial resolution than clinical MRI scanners.


"Supermagnetic" group tries to assess the sample of interest (e.g. tissues or nanomaterials) through multiple angles. For example, we will detect different nuclear spin signals such as 1H, 13C, 23Na, 31P etc. We will use different pulse sequences such as 2D correlation, exchange or recoupling methods. We will combine different techniques such as X-ray, IR, electron microscopy, simulations altogether.

Selected Publications

  • "Micron-resolution Imaging of Cortical Bone under 14 T Ultrahigh Magnetic Field"

    Adv. Sci., 2023, 300959

    Tian He, Zhenfeng Pang, Yu Yin, Huadong Xue Yichuan Pang, Haixin Song, Jianhua Li, Ruiliang Bai, An Qin, Xueqian Kong*

  • "Sodium Dynamics in the Cellular Environment "

    J. Am. Chem. Soc, 2023, 145, 19, 10522–10532

    Yin Yu†, Yifan Song†, Yinhang Jia, Juntao Xia, Ruiliang Bai, Xueqian Kong*

  • "Solvent-derived Defects Suppress Adsorption in MOF-74"

    Nat. Comm., 2023, 14, 2386

    Yao Fu, Yifeng Yao, Alexander C. Forse, Jianhua Li, Kenji Mochizuki, Jeffrey R. Long, Jeffrey A. Reimer, Gaël De Paëpe, Xueqian Kong*

  • "One-dimensional Alignment of Defects in a Flexible Metal-organic Framework"

    Sci. Adv., 2023, 9, eade6975

    Yao Fu, Alexander C. Forse, Zhengzhong Kang, Matthew J. Cliffe, Weicheng Cao, Jinglin Yin, Lina Gao, Zhenfeng Pang, Tian He, Qinlong Chen, Qi Wang, Jeffrey R. Long, Jeffrey A. Reimer Xueqian Kong*

  • "Calibrating ligand-ligand interaction on nanocrystals via the dynamic volume of chain segments"

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  • "23Na Relaxometry: an Overview of Theory and Applications"

    Magnet. Reson. Lett., 2023, 3, 150-174

    Yifan Song, Yu Yin, Qinlong Chen, Alessandro Marchetti, Xueqian Kong*

  • "Solid-state NMR Studies on the Organic Matrix of Bone"

    Nano Res., 2023, 16, 2980-2990

    Hua-Dong Xue, Yu Yin, Tian He, Haixin Song, Jianhua Li, Xueqian Kong*

  • "Diffusion NMR for Measuring Dynamic Ligand Exchange on Colloidal Nanocrystals"

    Analy. Chem., 2022, 95, 2, 792–801

    Xiaoqi Zhou†, Zhenfeng Pang†, Weicheng Cao, Zhenming Cao, Jie Zhu, Yixin Qi, Xiaogang Peng, Xueqian Kong*

  • "The Chemical Evolution of Solid Electrolyte Interface in Sodium Metal Batteries"

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  • "Molecular Identification and Quantification of Defect Sites in Metal-organic Frameworks with NMR Probe Molecules"

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  • "Solid-state NMR in the field of drug delivery: State of the art and new perspectives"

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  • Institute of Translational Medicine
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University
    Shanghai, China
    上海交通大学 闵行校区
    Email: xkong (at) sjtu.edu.cn